Play With Us


A tired dog is a happy dog, and every size, breed, and age of dog needs exercise. Our every day lives get busy, and some times making sure your pups get what they need can be difficult!

Dogaholics has highly trained staff that will introduce your dog properly into our pack. We match each dog into the proper play group; assessing size, play style and personality. Our facility is divided up into different sections to accommodate each of these needs. We make sure our small and large canine visitors are separated according to size! We have a full play space dedicated to both the small and the large dogs.

Our daycare is always under constant and careful supervision so that your dog will never be left unattended. It is our goal to create a fun and stimulating environment for your pup. Our amazing team members enjoy integrating fun new daycare toys and agility equipment to keep your pooch intrigued and vitalized. We also offer outdoor pool playtime on those hot summer days. Proper exercise, playtime, and socialization are guaranteed!

Please make sure your dog has eaten breakfast before coming to daycare, as they will need some energy for the days activities. If you would like us to serve your dog lunch we are more than happy to do so! Please bring food in a container marked with your dogs name. Sometimes we leave the house in a rush, and forget to grab that lunch bag! In that case we have our own house food that we can offer at $2.00 per cup. Note: We recommend that you provide your own food since changing a dogs food can cause an upset stomach.

Three Indoor Play Areas!

9200sqft of indoor play space with rubberized sport mat flooring. Great for the dog’s joints! Fully heated and air conditioned for our ever changing Alberta weather!

Invigorating play stations for all sizes and energy levels.



Large Outdoor Play Area!

Fully fenced, secure, outdoor play space, including a summer playtime pool.

We have our own private, fully fenced, 5-acre off leash park, just a few minutes north of the city!







At Dogaholics, we have very high standards to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment. Please ensure that your pet is fully up-to-date on all of their vaccines. We require that your pet has their shots for Rabies, Bordetella, and DA2PP. We also highly recommend that your pet be treated monthly with topical treatments of Revolution or Advantage Multi. These are flea, tick, mite, and lice treatments. This is not a requirement, however it does always lessen your animal’s risks when playing with other dogs. We recommend speaking with your vet about these treatment options. Prior to accepting your dog into our facility, proof of vaccinations will be required. Puppies are also required to have two sets of shots, however, we recommend you seek veterinary advice prior to bringing your puppy to daycare. All dogs must be spayed or neutered, at 1 – 1.5 years to participate in socializing, and as long as there are no behavioural issues.

Safety & Security

For the safety and security of all our daycare and boarding dogs, we must be informed of temporary and/or permanent arrangements for drop off and pick up of your dog from Dogaholics. We must be made aware of the person’s name and contact number for changes in pick up and no dog will be released until we have confirmation from the owner of the dog. Identification will be required.

How To Get Started

Now, you must want to know how to sign up!

Getting into our daycare program is easy and stress free. Unlike many other facilities, we do not have any minimum booking requirements or sign up cost. You can come as often or as little as you choose. All daycare is on a drop in basis, no need to call ahead, or book in. You can come by for a full day or just so your pup can get a couple hours of running in before an evening at home.