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In Home Cat Sitting


Everybody needs a vacation! Sometimes when we have to go away, it is hard to always have to ask a friend or family member to watch the cats. Or, what if they can’t commit to the days you have asked for? Then you are stuck in a bind, calling everyone you know, hoping someone else can help out. But have you called Dogaholics?

We offer in home cat sitting visits! We will come to your home, spend time playing with and loving your kitties, scoop litter and sweep up, change water bowls, and feed according to your requests. And, no need to worry if your cat needs medication (including insulin), we have got it covered! We also do a full security check of the home to make sure everything is safe while you are away. We can even water plants! During those nasty winter months, we can shovel driveways and walkways for a small extra fee.

We understand that some cats don’t like to have strangers in their house, and we don’t blame them! If having someone there bothers them, we can come in and get things done quickly and quietly, as to not disrupt your cat and stress them out. If your cat is the opposite of this and wants to take in all the attention, we will gladly stay and give them the love and playtime they are looking for!

We can customize cat sitting visits to suit your needs and your schedule! We can come in two times a day, once a day, every other day, or we can create a schedule that works for you. We also offer a free in home pet consultation, so you can meet one of the pet sitters, go over details, have us meet your pets, and give the sitter a key or door code.

 Please keep in mind, on those special holidays, premium rates may apply.