Your Questions, Answered


Do you board other animals?

Yes we do! We board small animals, reptiles, cats, and even fish! We can also do in home visits for these types of critters.

What is dog daycare?

When you drop your pup off at daycare, they get to play to their hearts content, in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment, with many new dog friends. Perfect for exercise and socialization.


What will my dog do all day?

We have an open play facility with 3 different play rooms, and agility equipment. We sort groups depending on size and play style to make sure your pup is as happy as can be. We also have an outdoor area for the pups to get some sunshine and fresh air. No matter your dogs personality, there is a place for them at Dogaholics.


Do you crate train/kennel?

This completely depends on the dog. If your dog does well in a kennel, they will only be in there for bedtime and meals. We can also help with crate training puppies while they are with us. However, if your dog does not do well in a kennel or you don’t want them to be in one, we can easily work with that as well.



Do you walk the dogs during boarding?

No, we don’t. Due to the size of our facility and our outdoor space, the dogs spend their whole days playing, and they do not need leash walks in between.


Do you provide outdoor play areas?

Yes. We offer an outdoor play area consisting of pea gravel and an 8 foot high fence blinded off, with shaded areas. It’s 100% secure and safe for all of our guests.

Is there a discount for multiple dogs?

Yes! We offer discounted daycare and boarding for multiple dogs. To qualify, both dogs must have the same owner and live in the same home.



Do you offer a discount for extended stays?

Yes we do! Please see our rates page for all the pricing.


Can you provide my dog his/her medications? Will this cost extra?

We have no problem administering medication. We do not charge extra for pills, supplements, or powders. There will be a $5 fee per shot for any medical injections.


Can I take a tour?

Absolutely! We are happy to give tours to owners. Feel free to stop in any time within our regular business hours.


Can I put my own dog in a group and watch him/her with other dogs?

Unfortunately, we do not allow this. Since dogs often behave differently in the presence of their owners, all introductions at Dogaholics are done by our team of dog handlers who interpret, monitor, and evaluate the dynamics of the dogs as they interact. Other dogs may also behave differently with a stranger observing them and this may affect the behaviour of the group.

It is important to evaluate how a dog interacts over the course of a few hours, since dogs may react differently as they adjust to a new environment. This is done for the safety of your dog, all the dogs at our facility and our staff. We take plenty of pictures and videos and post them on our Facebook Fan Page so that you can spot your pup at play (If they’re not camera shy that is!)

What is your evaluation & interview process?

We welcome all dogs depending on temperament and socialization. We do not accept dogs who are aggressive to other dogs or people. We do not turn dogs away based on breed.


How old does my dog need to be to attend daycare or boarding?

We do not have an age requirement, however we do require that puppies have their second set of booster shots before they come and play.

Are vaccinations required?

Yes! We do require that all pets in our care be fully up-to-date on the 3 main vaccines that vets give. These being Rabies, Bordetella, and DH2PP.



Why do you require that my dog be spayed or neutered?

Depending on behaviour, we don’t require your pup to be fixed until 1 year – 1.5 years. We understand that fixing a dog too young can have serious effects on their health. We follow vet recommendations as we don’t want anyone to be putting their animals at risk.


How do I get my dog started at Dogaholics Daycare and Boarding programs? What is the initial process?

Fill out our new client form and send or bring in proof of vaccinations! As soon as we have a form, everything is on a drop in basis. Once filled out, you can come in any time with no appointment.

How often should my dog come to daycare?

You are welcome to bring your pup as often or as little as you would like! We have no minimum booking requirement, so it all depends on your pups energy level and your schedule.

Is my pet supervised during daycare?

Yes! Dog groups are always watched and monitored by staff to ensure the safety of your pets.



I have a small dog - will he/she be safe?

Of course! We have fully separate play areas for our large and small dogs.



Sometimes my dog is really thirsty when he/she comes home. Why is that?

Water is available at all times, in all of our play areas. Playing hard is just as strenuous as working out. Even though water is available, after a car ride home, it will probably be time for your dog to drink some more water to help re-hydrate after a hard day of play.

Why is my dog tired when he/she comes home?

This is one of the great benefits of dog daycare/boarding! Often when you take your dog home, they will curl up and go to sleep. Rest assured, if your dog becomes overly tired during the day, we will give them extra breaks. If your dog is boarding at our facility, it is very common for them to sleep for a couple of days after they leave. This is from all of the stimulation and play. We like to call this a “puppy hangover!”

Are there nap times?

During daycare and boarding, the dogs are put into their own kennel or space for an hour of relaxation and re-direction of energy. At this time, they would also be eating the lunch that you provide (if needed). We lock up them for an hour after the feeding to stop them from bloating.


Where does my dog do his/her business?

Our guests do their business mostly outside. However, dogs do tend to mark from time to time due to other dogs scents. Staff are with the dogs at all times to immediately clean up after them.

What cleaning agents are used?

We use the best cleaning agents available on the market. Professional grade, veterinary approved agents are used throughout the day to control any bacteria and viruses that are on the floors and kennels. Our daily cleaning agents are 100% safe for dogs to be around, and even safe enough to consume! We then use a more stringent cleaner at the end of the day for a final overall sanitization. These products keep our facility clean and safe for all and free from bacteria and mold.


Is my dog required to come in for an assessment prior to Boarding? If so when is a good time for this?

No! We have 2 different facilities and one of them will be a good fit for your pup. No matter their personality, there will be a place for them at one of our places as long as they are not aggressive towards people.


Do you feed my pet during daycare?

If you would like us to! We give the dogs an hour at lunch time to rest and redirect energy and eat lunch if you provide one. We also have our own food that we can feed for $2 per cup, if requested.


Do I need to make a reservation for overnight boarding?

We do not require a reservation, however you are welcome to book as far in advance as you would like.

Do I need to make a reservation for daycare?

No! You never need a reservation for daycare. It is all on a drop in basis, and you can come and go any time within regular business hours.


Do you offer your services to older pets?

We absolutely do! We welcome all ages and we will work with any old pets needs and make sure that they are happy, healthy, and taken care of.


What if I forgot to bring my dogs food for his/her overnight stay?

We are more than happy to feed our own food for $2 per cup. Keep in mind that when changing a dogs food it may occasionally upset their tummy, so we prefer to keep them on their own food.

Do I need to bring my own dishes?

Nope! We have got it covered. We have tons of our own stainless steel bowls for your pups to use. If your pup requires a special slow feed bowl, then please feel free to pack that.