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Calgary Dog Daycare

We are pleased to offer 6500sq feet of indoor play space as well as 2000sq feet of outdoor play space for your pups to enjoy. Our daycare trainers provide a fun, safe, and stimulating environment for all.

  • We accept all breeds
  • We specialize in canine behavior
  • Rubber sport mat flooring
  • Outdoor playpen
  • Outdoor pool playtime
  • Exercise, play and socialization are guaranteed!
Our highly trained staff will introduce your dog properly into our daycare. We match each dog into the proper play group; assessing size, play style and personality. Our daycare is divided up into different sections to accommodate each of these needs.
At Dogaholics our number one priority is the safety and health of your pet. We have extremely high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of our facility. Our daycare is always supervised so that your dog will NEVER be left unattended. It is our goal to create a fun and stimulating environment for your pup. Our daycare trainers enjoy integrating fun new daycare toys and agility equipment to keep your pooch intrigued and stimulated. We also offer outdoor pool playtime in the summer months. Exercise, playtime, and socialization guaranteed!
Please feed your dog breakfast before coming to daycare, as he/she will need some energy for the days activities. If you would like us to serve your dog lunch, please bring food in a container marked with your dogs name/breed. Most dogs don't like to each lunch at daycare because they're having so much fun! There is no extra charge when you provide your dogs food. A $2.50 charge per meal will apply if you would like us to feed your dog while at Daycare. We will feed your dog "house food" please inquire. Please specify if your dog has allergies. Note: We recommend that you provide your own food since changing a dog's food can cause an upset stomach.
Your pet's health is very important to us. At Dogaholics we have very high standards to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment. Please consult your veterinarian as to the recommended vaccination treatments your dog will need. We also HIGHLY recommend that your pet be treated monthly with topical treatments of Revolution or Advantage Multi. These are flea, tick, mite, and lice treatments we recommend speaking with your vet about these treatments. Prior to accepting your dog into our facility, proof of the vaccinations will be required. Puppies will also be required to have all sets of shots; however, we recommend you seek your Veterinarians recommendations on this prior to bringing your puppy to daycare. All dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6 - 8 months to participate in our daycare or to use our boarding services.
Safety and Security
For the safety and security of all our daycare and boarding dogs we must be informed of temporary and/or permanent arrangements for drop off and pick up of your dog from Dogaholics. We must be made aware of the persons name and contact numbers for changes for pick up. No dog will be released until we have confirmation from the owner of the dog. Identification will be required.


1/2 Day of Play $25 (Up to 5 hours)
1/2 Day of Play 2+ Dogs $20 (Up to 5 hours)
1 Day of Play $35
1 Day of Play 2+ Dogs $25
10 Day Package $300 ($30.00 per day)
10 Day Package 2 Dogs $500 ($50.00 per day)
10 Day Package 3 Dogs $700 ($70.00 per day)
20 Day Package $560 ($28.00 per day)
20 Day Package 2 Dogs $960 ($48.00 per day)
20 Day Package 3 Dogs $1360 ($68.00 per day)
Spa Day $20 for 1/2 day of play plus the cost of a FULL groom

* Daycare packages are non-refundable and non-transferable*

* Daycare packages cannot be used for overnight boarding services *

* Daycare packages have no expiry date *

Monthly Unlimited


Full calendar month only.
Monthly pass holders receive a special overnight boarding rate of only $25. This rate applies for only the month in which you hold your pass, excluding Christmas and New Years.
Daycare packages cannot be used for a half day of play. All half days must be paid for separately. 5 hours and over of play will be charged a full day. All dogs are logged and clocked in at the time of drop off. Sorry no exceptions will be made. Prices subject to change without notice.
Click here for our daycare release form.
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